Saturday, July 2, 2022 | 05:26 pm
Tags Google TV

Tag: Google TV

More Than One Person Can Now Use Google TV

Long-delayed personalized profiles are finally landing with a server-side update.

The Google TV App Is Finally Available On iOS

You can use it as a remote for your Android TV devices.

Google TV Is Working Into New Fitness, Smart Home Control, and Other Capabilities for 2022

Google TV’s director of product management Rob Caruso has outlined what the company’s plans are for its TV operating system in 2022 in a new interview with Protocol.

Google Gives Android TV New Discover, Home and Apps Tabs to Make It More Like Google TV

Google is giving Android TV an update to make it look more like its new Google TV software, adding three new tabs to its home screen interface. Rolling...

Sony’s 2021 TV Lineup Runs Google TV and Fully Embraces HDMI 2.1

Last year’s TV lineup from Sony took a bit of criticism since several sets were unable to take advantage of next-gen gaming features on the PlayStation...

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