Tuesday, March 2, 2021 | 02:31 pm
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Tag: Google Cloud

Twitter Expands Google Cloud Partnership to ‘Learn More From Data, Move Faster’

Twitter is upping its data analytics game in the form of an expanded, multiyear partnership with Google Cloud. The social media giant first began working...

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Receives Renewed $3 Million Cloud Credit Grant from Google Cloud

This grant is a continuation of Google Cloud's $3 million per year investment in Kubernetes development and distribution, which started back in 2018.

5 Key Steps for Selecting Your DBaaS Solution

You don’t want to be stuck with costly DBaaS that doesn’t fit your requirements. In this eBook, get the best DBaaS solution with 5 essential steps.

Fan-Made Browser That Enables Stadia on iOS Is Back on the App Store

Stadium 1.2 is available for download, but it seems to have an issue with Bluetooth controllers.

What’s New in G Suite Besides Name Change?

Google's G Suite is now Google Workplace. The big rebranding is, however, not the only update. Several new features tag along to make the...

Solving the Pandemic Situation With Cloud Computing Services

If you were asked to name 2 things that you think became most popular during the covid-19 pandemic, what would that be? My answer...

Top 7 Cloud Computing Providers in 2020

Cloud computing has created crucial exposure and interest globally. This article provides you a list of cloud computing service providers.

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