Sunday, June 26, 2022 | 06:37 pm
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Tag: Google Chrome

Google Is Developing a Price Tracking Feature for Chrome on Android

Alerting you about price drops in your open tabs.

Google Chrome Makes Experimental Features Much Easier to Test

Google this week announced plans to release major Chrome updates more frequently — from six weeks to four weeks. To go along with that news,...

Google Is Speeding Up Chrome’s Release Cycle to Every Four Weeks

Google says it will speed up how it releases Chrome updates. Starting with Chrome 94 in Q3, 2021, Google will release milestones of its...

Microsoft Authenticator Can Now Store and Autofill Mobile Device Passwords

You can use it on Edge or even Chrome via a new Chrome extension.

Google Makes It Easier to Try Chrome’s Experimental Features

Chrome Labs puts test features a couple of clicks away.

Finally, You Can Get Your Old Google Icons Back

Now you can get the old Google icons back with this Chrome extension.

4 Steps to Enable Google Chrome’s New ‘Read Later’ Feature

How often have you come across an article that you wanted to save for a later read? Chrome’s new ‘Read Later’ feature make it possible. Read to find out.

14 Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity in 2020

Here are 14 extremely useful Google Chrome extensions to ehance your online experience and boost your overall productivity.

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