Saturday, July 2, 2022 | 04:08 pm
Tags Gmail

Tag: Gmail

Gmail’s New Look Is About to Appear for More People

Google started rolling out an updated user interface for Gmail that pulls Meet, Chat, and Spaces closer and applies more of its Material You styling effects.

Your Work Gmail Is About To Look Different

It’ll start showing up in February, and will become standard later this year.

Google Docs And Slides Get Better Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

A Gmail Google Workspace add-on now works with more productivity apps.

Google Has Finally Added iOS’s Privacy Labels to Gmail

Strangely, the labels didn’t come with an update.

Finally, You Can Get Your Old Google Icons Back

Now you can get the old Google icons back with this Chrome extension.

What’s New in G Suite Besides Name Change?

Google's G Suite is now Google Workplace. The big rebranding is, however, not the only update. Several new features tag along to make the...

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