Wednesday, June 29, 2022 | 06:40 pm
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Low-Code Development Has Become a Technological Movement, Says Gartner

The research firm's low-code market forecast suggests that a surge in remote development during the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to prop up space overall.

Tech Providers 2025 – Strategic Transformation Drives Growth

Gain insight into how emerging technology trends are driving strategic transformation for growth.

Gartner: Q3 Smartphone Sales Down 5.7% to 366M, Slicing COVID-19 Declines in Q1, Q2

Q3 smartphone figures from the analysts published today showed that smartphone unit sales were 366 million units, a decline of 5.7% globally compared to the same period last year.

Gartner: Q3 Smartphone Sales Down 5.7% to 366M, Stemming COVID-19 Declines Earlier This Year

New numbers from Gartner point to some recovery for the smartphone market as vendors roll out a raft of new 5G handsets.

How to Build an Excellent CX Portal With 4 Effective Methods?

Here are 4 expert tips to develop a great customer experience system using AI. With this white paper, take your CX experience to the next level!

Multiexperience in 2020: The New Digital Milestone

Multiexperience is the new digital reality in 2020. This superlative technological innovation provides a seamless experience to users through various levels of interaction across channels.

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