Saturday, July 2, 2022 | 04:51 pm
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Tag: Fortnite

Apple to Argue it Faces Competition in Video Game Market in Epic Lawsuit

Apple Inc plans to argue that it faces abundant competition in market for video game transactions to defend itself against allegations by “Fortnite” maker.

Bruno Mars’ Smooth Moves Come to Fortnite

Don’t believe me, just watch! Read the news article to know more

Epic Games Will Settle Fortnite Loot Box Lawsuits in V-bucks

The class-action settlement also provides an additional $26 million in benefits.

More Than 50 Percent of Americans Turned to Video Games Out of Boredom During Coronavirus Lockdowns

KEY HIGHLIGHTS 55 percent of people turned to video games during the first phase of lockdowns One in four said they played video games...

Fortnite’s Holiday Event Brings Back Airplanes

Fortnite’s annual vacation occasion is again, and this time, it brings a shock: the return of airplanes.

Nvidia Is Bringing Fortnite Back to iOS With New Cloud Gaming Web App

Nvidia joins Microsoft in bypassing Apple’s App Store.

Epic’s New Tech Could Theoretically Put Your Facial Expressions in Fortnite

Newly acquired Hyprsense specializes in expressive digital avatars.

Here’s How You Can Get 2 Months of Disney+ if You Spend Money in Fortnite

Starting from November 10 (7 PM ET) to December 31, 2020, Fortnite players who spend real money in the game can get 2 free months of Disney+.

Epic Previews Fortnite’s Next-Gen Ports for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Epic on Monday revealed new information about what performance benefits Fortnite players should expect on day one if playing the game on the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S consoles, all of which launch next week.

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