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Tag: Facial Recognition

Microsoft To Retire Controversial Facial Recognition Tool That Claims To Identify Emotion

AI-powered ‘emotion recognition’ has been criticized as unscientific .

The IRS Will Let Taxpayers Authenticate Their Identity Without Using Facial Recognition

Taxpayers in the US don't have to use facial recognition or any kind of biometric data to access their accounts online if they don't...

More Facial Recognition Technology Reported in Non-White Areas in NYC

The NYPD must now disclose exactly how this invasive technology is used.

IRS Says It Will Back Away from Facial Recognition Amid Outcry

IRS told Senator Ron Wyden it plans to back away from using facial recognition for verification purposes. Know more.

UK Schools Are Using Facial Recognition To Take Pupils’ Lunch Money

A group of nine schools in the UK has started using facial recognition to verify children’s payments for school meals.

Facial Recognition Company Sued by California Activists

Civil liberties activists are suing a company that provides facial recognition services to law enforcement agencies and private companies around the world.

Minneapolis Poised to Ban Facial Recognition for Police Use

The city of Minneapolis is poised to ban facial recognition software for police use, part of a growing movement to prohibit software known to have serious...

Amazon Partner in China Is Making Facial Recognition Tech to Track Uyghurs

Dahua, a Chinese surveillance gear supplier, accidentally posted online code for software that specifically identifies Uyghurs, and tracks their emotions and movements.

Portland, Maine Votes in Favor of Facial Recognition Ban

Portland, Maine is the latest in the growing list of cities in the US to ban facial recognition technologies.

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