Saturday, August 13, 2022 | 03:21 pm
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Tag: Epic Games

Epic Games Raises $2B To Develop Its Metaverse Efforts

After a $1 billion funding round last year, Fortnite creator Epic Games has raised $2 billion from Sony Group Corporation and Kirkbi, the investment company behind The Lego Group.

Apple Can’t Delay Costly Court-Ordered App Store Change

Apple said it will ask the federal appeals court in San Francisco to put Gonzales Ro

Apple Begins Appeal of Epic Games Fortnite Case, Seeks Delay to Court-Ordered App Store Changes

The tech giant files a notice of appeal and asks to put on hold orders from a US district judge that would require changes to its App Store.

Epic Games Appeals Decision Made in Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple

Epic Games has also been ordered to pay 30% of any such revenue Epic Games collected from November 2020 through to the date of judgment.

Battle Between Android and iOS Over Smartphone Sales Is Bogus Say Court Documents

The Android-iOS competition might be an invention of the media as opposed to being a genuine battle between two of the smartphone industry's top players.

Epic Games Buys Artist Portfolio Site ArtStation

Epic Games has acquired ArtStation, an online marketplace for digital artists

Apple Versus Epic Games: The Courtroom Battle Is Only Half the Fight

Epic Games faces an uphill legal battle against Apple Inc in an antitrust trial starting Monday, and a defeat for the maker of "Fortnite" could make it harder for U.S. government.

Epic Games Store Expands To Carry Windows Apps Like Brave and Discord

Epic is providing an alternative to Microsoft’s app store.

Apple, Epic Games Lay Out Detailed Arguments for Upcoming Legal Battle

With Epic Games and Apple set to face off before a judge in their high-profile trial in just a few weeks, new court filings from both companies outline the evidence and arguments each intends to make in detail.

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