Friday, December 3, 2021 | 01:23 am
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Tag: Donald Trump

Donald Trump Launching New Social Media Platform, TRUTH Social

Its first step will be launching a new social media platform called TRUTH Social. A beta version will be available to invited guests in November.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Website Was Defaced by a Hacker

A part of Donald Trump's campaign website looked different. Its "action" subdomain contained a Turkish message.

Facebook Considers Forming an Election Commission

Facebook Inc has approached academics and policy experts about forming a commission to advise it on issues relating to global elections.

Trump Sues Twitter and Facebook for Banning Him

Donald Trump today sued Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, & their CEOs, claiming that all three companies are guilty of "impermissible censorship".

The Trump Administration Forced Apple to Secretly Reveal at Least Two Democrats’ Data

Trump forced Apple to cough up metadata on at least two Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee, including the chairman and representative.

Facebook Rules Are Internally Inconsistent, Says Oversight Board Leader

Michael McConnell's comments follow the panel's decision to leave in place a ban on Donald Trump for his posts surrounding the storming of the US Capitol.

You Can Finally Ask Facebook’s Oversight Board to Remove Bad Posts

Facebook and Instagram users can get offending posts removed. Facebook oversight board has announced that users can now appeal decisions to leave posts up.

Australia vs. Facebook

The tech giant's ban on Australians searching for news on its platform suggests that equitable control of international reporting is very much a work in progress

Facebook Sends Decision to Ban Trump to Its New Oversight Board

Facebook Inc said on Thursday that it was referring its decision to indefinitely suspend the accounts of former United States President Donald Trump to...

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