Tuesday, December 7, 2021 | 10:08 am
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Google to Delete Data for Inactive Accounts, Cap Multimedia Storage From June 2021

The changes in policy will not apply to those who have subscribed to a Google One membership to buy additional storage.

Data Protection Best Practices: How Microsoft 365 Helps Keep Your Data Secure

Adopt the 6 data protection best practices to prevent your sensitive information from falling into hands of people who can do terrible things to and with them.

Five Steps to Enabling Quicker Business Decisions with Integrated and Governed Cloud Data

Explore 5 ways to meet your workload needs and generate business value faster. Read on to discover how DataOps can spike your multi-cloud agility.

Experian: Credit Agency Told to Stop Sharing Data Without Consent

Credit reference agency Experian has been sharing the personal information of millions of people without consent and must stop, the UK's information commissioner has ruled.

Tibco Buys Information Builders to Combine Data, Analytics Product Portfolios

Information Builders has data quality, prep, and integration products that will support what Tibco calls its hyperconverged analytics strategy.

Russian Hackers Infiltrated State and Local Government Networks, Officials Say

Hackers stole information about how governments secure their systems and which vendors they buy products from.

3 Ways Microsoft Azure Can Help You Respond to Crisis and Save Costs

Explore how AI and analytics can help you to respond to crisis. Read on to discover the 3 ways Microsoft Azure can help you move your business forward.

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