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Tag: Customer Experience

How AI and Chatbots are transforming Customer Experience

Here are 4 ways AI and chatbots are transforming customer service and consumer experience.

UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE: Move Up to the Cloud or Stay Where You Are?

Upgrade your contact center with UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE.

Hawaii Bank’s New Mobile App Uses AI To Customize Experience

First Hawaiian has been tweaking and testing the new mobile app for about a year. The rollout began on Monday.

Delivering Personalized Experiences in Times of Change

Explore this white paper to understand how you don’t have to be Netflix, but still deliver personalized experiences. 

Building a Secure and Trusted Environment With Sandbox

View this infographic to know how you can accelerate your Salesforce CRM Experience with Sandbox.

Twilio Reports Solid Q3 Results, Revenue Up 52%

Twilio reported better-than-expected third-quarter financial results driven by continued customer momentum.

How to Build an Excellent CX Portal With 4 Effective Methods?

Here are 4 expert tips to develop a great customer experience system using AI. With this white paper, take your CX experience to the next level!

How to Get Your Conversational AI Applications Right?

Providing an incredible customer experience is about more than just a one-off positive encounter. And ensuring the same level of service each time, across...

3 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Conversational AI Project

Here's a Practitioner’s Guide to Measuring Conversational AI Project Success With 3 Proven Methods. Continue reading for more insights.

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