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Tag: Collaboration

Key Elements of Digital Transformation in EMEA

IDC Infobrief on the Key Factors Leading to Digital Transformation in EMEA.

What’s New in G Suite Besides Name Change?

Google's G Suite is now Google Workplace. The big rebranding is, however, not the only update. Several new features tag along to make the...

RingCentral: Secure Cloud Communications and Collaboration

This white paper consists of key security considerations and best approaches for Cloud Collaboration and Communication.

How to Maintain Cyber Resilience in the New COVID-19 Reality?

How to maintain Cyber Resilience during the Covid-19 crisis and for times to come? Here are 5 strategies to help you in developing a successful cyber resilience model.

How Can CIOs and CFOs Collaborate for Digital Transformation?

How are leading CIOs and CFOs partnering together to drive digital transformation for greater organizational success? Read to gain more C-level insights.

Strategies for Your Future-Forward Workforce

Navigate the latest trends in Human Capital Management. Explore now the top strategies for your future-forward workforce.

Collaborate Your Way to Better Processes With IBM Blueworks Live

IBM Blueworks Live is a business process modeller designed to help organizations discover, design, automate and manage business processes in the cloud.

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