Wednesday, May 25, 2022 | 11:54 am
Tags Chip Shortage

Tag: Chip Shortage

5 Reasons Why the World Is Running Out of Chips

The world does not have enough chips, and it’s a real problem. Chips can be found in almost every product you use. Know more.

Intel Server-Chip Woes Drag On Sales Forecast; Shares Slump

Sales to those cloud providers like Amazon’s AWS and Google dropped 20% in the recent period.

Elon Says Tesla Powerwall Production Lagging Due to Chip Shortage

Demand for Tesla Powerwalls stands around 80,000 units, but the company won’t be able to make even half of that. Know more.

The Chip Shortage Will Likely Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Car companies are being hit the worst, and even home appliances might start to see issues with supply.

Qualcomm CEO Elect Says Huawei Ban May Help With Chip Shortages

U.S. sanctions against China’s Huawei Technologies Co. may help alleviate a global shortfall in semiconductor supply.

Why There’s a Chip Shortage That’s Hurting Everyone

Semiconductors are in short supply because of big demand for electronics, shifting business models, and other reasons.

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