Friday, May 20, 2022 | 08:15 pm
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Tag: Big Tech

Australia to Make Big Tech Hand Over Misinformation Data

Australia's media regulator will be able to force internet companies to provide internal data about how they have handled misinformation and disinformation.

It Took a War for Big Tech To Take a Side

The internet is global. But tech companies do business in individual countries. So tech companies have to obey those countries’ rules, even if they’re onerous or worse.

Russia-Ukraine War: Big Tech’s Role Poses Strategic Questions for Countries

As the Russia-Ukraine war rages, geopolitical and technology experts are raising questions about a seemingly lopsided narrative on internet platforms like Twitter, Meta (formerly...

How To Deal With Big Tech?

Big tech dominates the tech industries across the world and wield a huge amount of influence.

What Is The Social Responsibility Of Big Tech?

Often described as a many-headed Leviathan, Big Tech consists of Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft with other smaller personal data guzzling platforms operating...

Wall Street Leaps As Nasdaq Rallies 3% on Boost From Big Tech, Chipmakers

Intel jumps on plans to list self-driving car units.

How Do Big Tech Companies Keep Getting Bigger?

A massive shift in market valuation and revenue can be attributed to several factors and besides, the earnings are also drawing a lot of attention.

Can Competition Tools Fix Social Media?

Replacing tech authoritarianism with state overreach will only exacerbate problems plaguing social media platforms.

Europe’s Top ‘Tech Cop’ Is Ready To Take On Big Tech With America

Margrethe Vestager says the Biden administration is a “dream come true.”

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