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Tags Artificial Intelligence

Tag: Artificial Intelligence

4 Informed Marketing Trends Resolution

We've collected a list of rising trends that are impacting the future of marketing to help you start the new year with educated resolutions. Let's have a look at a couple of them now!

What Is Google’s New Skin Tone Scale?

Google has unveiled a more diverse scale of skin tones to develop its artificial intelligence systems.

5 Biggest Technology Trends in 2022 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now

Find out the biggest tech trends that will define 2022 that includes artificial intelligence, increasingly smart devices and more.

Artificial Intelligence Market Size to Surpass Around US$ 1,597.1 Bn By 2030

According to Precedence Research, the artificial intelligence (AI) market size is projected to surpass around US$ 1,597.1 billion by 2030 and is expanding growth at a CAGR of 38.1% from 2022 to 2030.

Zuckerberg Reveals AI Projects To Power Metaverse

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled several ambitious artificial-intelligence projects, describing AI as "the key to unlocking the Metaverse."

AI Technology To Contribute Up To 70% Of Carbon Emissions Reductions By 2060: IDC And Baidu White Paper

Baidu, Inc. and IDC jointly launched China’s first White Paper on AI’s Contribution to Achieving the “Dual Carbon” Goals in 2021 on December 29.

Meta Launches PyTorch Live To Build AI-Powered Mobile Experiences

During its PyTorch Developer Day conference, Meta (formerly Facebook) announced PyTorch Live, a set of tools designed to make AI-powered experiences for mobile devices easier.

AI Startup Boomy Looks to Turn the Music Industry on Its Ear

Boomy has established an alternative way to ensure that songwriters get paid for their creative works because copyright law varies from country to country. 

Meet CUE – Toyota’s AI-enabled Basketball Robot

Toyota’s basketball robot CUE is definitely the star at Tokyo Olympics!

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