Friday, December 3, 2021 | 01:32 am
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Tag: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services: How it Gave Wings to the World of Technology

There is not a single person who doesn’t know about Amazon Web Services. But do you know the story of how it all started? Explore how it started and more!

Pentagon Announces New Cloud Initiative to Replace Ill-Fated JEDI Contract

Under the terms of the RFP, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Oracle have been invited to bid.

Microsoft Hires Former Amazon Cloud Executive Charlie Bell

Microsoft has hired Amazon cloud executive Charlie Bell as a corporate vice president. The move represents a victory for Microsoft.

Amazon Set to Hire 10,000 UK Workers

US tech giant Amazon is to go on a hiring spree in the UK as online shopping continues to boom in the pandemic.

Amazon Web Services Gives Parler 24-Hour Notice That It Will Suspend Services to the Company

Parler is at risk of disappearing, just as the social media network popular among conservatives was reaching new heights of popularity in the wake...

Woodside Uses Cloud to Reduce Seismic Data Processing Time Down to 90 Minutes

Using the AWS cloud, Woodside Energy has reduced the 10-day supercomputer processing time down to 90 minutes.

Amazon Web Services to Invest $2.8 Billion in Second Cloud Region in India

Amazon Web Services will invest $2.77 billion in a second cloud infrastructure region in India by mid-2022.

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