Not sure, but this might happen. Android 12, the upcoming OS is rethinking the gaming experience. Think about playing games like ‘Need For Speed’, ‘PUBG’, etc., while you are still seeing their download bar progressing.

Android 12 is planning to introduce an incremental file system. This allows for applications to be executed, while its binary and resource files are downloaded.

With this new feature, you can start playing games like ‘PUBG’ and ‘Call of Duty’ even before they are downloaded. This is currently in a testing phase.

Google Pixel 4XL declared that the internal deadline for major Android 11 is very close.

XDA believes it will be out by next year. Either way, the gaming experience on Android smartphones will be better in the coming days.

Google’s Instant App lets users experience apps or games without having to install them. However, the incremental file system is different as it will simultaneously install the application.

Since the implementation of the new file system is in-kernel, developers do not need to put in extra hours like they would for Instant Apps.

The evidence was first uncovered by XDA-Developers who believe that the file system might be included in a future Android version, possibly in 2021.

The incremental file system is described as a “special-purpose Linux virtual file system that allows execution of a program while the binary and resource files are still being downloaded over the network, USB, etc.”


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