Monday, January 24, 2022 | 08:31 pm

WhatsApp Bug Is Making The App Crash For Many iPhone Users

WhatsApp Bug Is Making The App Crash For Many iPhone Users

iPhone users are having a hard time accessing WhatsApp today. For some unknown reason, the iOS app crashes shortly after the user tries to open it, and the issue has been affecting many users around the world for the past few hours.

As reported by users on Twitter, WhatsApp has simply stopped working on the iPhone. 9to5Mac was able to confirm the bug as WhatsApp crashes moments after you tap the app icon, making it impossible to access the conversation list or send messages to others.

There have been no WhatsApp updates released recently on the App Store, and even the beta version of WhatsApp available through TestFlight is crashing for no reason. This suggests that the bug may be caused by a problem with Facebook’s servers rather than some malfunction in the iOS app.

Based on user reports, the bug seems to affect both the regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business apps.

Although some users have associated today’s bug with the iOS 15.2 update, the app has also been experiencing issues with previous versions of Apple’s mobile operating system. WhatsApp is yet to acknowledge the bug affecting iPhone users.