Monday, February 6, 2023 | 01:40 pm

Wallaroo.AI Is Chosen by the Detroit Lions As Their Official AI and ML Partner

Wallaroo.AI Is Chosen by the Detroit Lions As Their Official AI and ML Partner

The Detroit Lions announced today that Wallaroo.AI is the franchise’s official artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) partner. The Lions will work with Wallaroo to scale the use of AI across many different business objectives on and off the field.

“Our organization continues to look for innovative ways to improve our business and be a leader in the use of analytics throughout the NFL,” said Detroit Lions Senior Vice President of Strategy and Analytics Ashton Mullinix. “With the help of Wallaroo, we are looking to scale our use of AI to leverage real-time data to impact decision-making.”

“Professional sports teams generate terabytes of data from sources including ticketing, concessions, retail, social media, vendors, player stats, and more. This data is a treasure trove of information, but it is only valuable if you can understand and apply it to make better decisions-this is where AI comes in,” said Vid Jain, Wallaroo Labs CEO & Founder. “The Lions’ commitment to applying AI to optimize performance and find new ways to use their data both on and off the field makes this an exciting collaboration for Wallaroo.AI.”

The first phase of this partnership will integrate Wallaroo technology into the newly established Trace3 Analytics War Room at Ford Field, where they will work directly with the Lions’ analytics team during games to improve the fan experience across various elements such as ticketing, parking, concessions, retail, and fan sentiment.

“The Detroit Lions are a great partner to demonstrate the power of AI to drive impactful business results,” said Hector Leano, Head of Product Marketing & Brand at Wallaroo. “Already a recognized brand in the heart of the US manufacturing and CPG industries, this integration further positions the Lions as a technology leader showcasing the value of AI and ML technologies to other leaders in those industries.”

“We are very strategic in the partnerships we bring into our organization because we want to ensure each partnership is providing tremendous value to both parties,” said Detroit Lions Director of Data Strategy and Insights Alex Ballew. “With Wallaroo we saw a partner with experience in using AI to drive positive performance results. We look forward to leveraging this technology across our business and providing a better fan experience to our fans.”