Sunday, June 4, 2023 | 04:16 am

Voltage Accelerator of Innovation Depot to Collaborate with AppThink to Deliver Startup Curriculum and Coaching

Voltage Accelerator of Innovation Depot to Collaborate with AppThink to Deliver Startup Curriculum and Coaching

Innovation Depot’s Voltage Accelerator has officially partnered with B2B coaching and curriculum platform, AppThink, to deploy curriculum and coaching for zero-to-one startup founders.

“With our partnership with AppThink we will better serve top-of-the-funnel, early-stage entrepreneurs. We want to maximize partnerships with the best-in-breed moving forward at the Innovation Depot,” said Brooke Gillis, CEO, Innovation Depot.

The Voltage accelerator program is designed to support entrepreneurs who have an idea for a tech or tech-enabled business as they translate that idea into a prototype.

The idea incubator requires no previous tech or entrepreneurship experience. Before founders spend time and money on building a minimum viable product (MVP), Voltage helps future founders assess the feasibility and viability of their startup idea to see whether they should forge ahead with their concept, pivot, or go back to the drawing board.

I’m proud to say we’re changing the game for early-stage founders and the institutions that serve them. Our focus on quantifiable progress and community support allows our accelerator partners to do extended due diligence-in the earliest stages-which helps these institutions determine where to focus their investment of time and capital,” said AppThink CEO, Kellie Clark. “We’re committed to helping the organizations that serve founders create success stories, and we’re passionate about investing in founders located in emerging ecosystems worldwide. But first, we’re doing it in the ecosystem we love and believe in most-Birmingham.

AppThink will work with Innovation Depot to deliver their founder and new venture creation education content alongside a proprietary evaluation framework to help identify strong ideas and founders. In addition to deploying the training sessions, a dedicated team of instructors and advisors will facilitate post-program office hours focused on further preparing high-potential founders to turn their idea into a software solution. Graduates of the Voltage program will have access to a community network, where they can share learnings, ask questions, and further explore their ideas with other startup founders.

I’m really excited to see founders gain the knowledge and insights they need to build amazing technology products and companies in our city, said Trevor Newberry, Cofounder of AppThink. Founder education, connection, and support is critical to successfully starting a new venture and I’m proud that AppThink can play such an important role in delivering that to our home-grown entrepreneurs.