Saturday, November 26, 2022 | 08:19 pm

Voice Tech Convention Opens in Chattanooga

Voice Tech Convention Opens in Chattanooga

One of the marquee events for Voice tech and conversational A-I in America is in Chattanooga.
For the next three days The Chattanooga convention center is playing host to several tech companies.
Mayor Tim Kelly gave opening remarks and those works were transcribed in real-time by Deepgram, which is a speech recognition startup, and then those it was analyzed by Cyrano A-I.
A conversational AI startup whose technology will produce insights related to Kelly’s personality and his communication style.
Kelley says tech conferences like this one are another advancement in Chattanooga’s economy.
“Chattanooga like many other midsize cities really has to battle for economic power and relevance relative to our bigger cities like Nashville and Atlanta that were wedged here in between. Things like this that give us a competitive advantage are really important.”
Project Voice 2022 will feature speakers from Amazon, Verizon, National Geographic, and many more.