Saturday, June 19, 2021 | 04:34 am

UWI Receives US$25 Million Grant From Tech Giant Eon Reality

UWI Receives US$25 Million Grant From Tech Giant Eon Reality

US Silicon Valley digital technology giant Eon Reality has announced its partnership with The UWI that will ensure significant investment in Caribbean digital education and professional training. With the award, Eon Reality, the global technology conglomerate, will enter the Caribbean market as a leader in the development of COVID-19.

The project is led by Dr. Luz Longsworth, Principal of the UWI Open Campus and Vice-Chancellor for Global Affairs. Dr. Longsworth, a thought leader and planner of online education, is leading the charge to turn the ten-year-old Open Campus into the UWI’s Global Campus. This initiative is an integral part of the university’s new financial vision that seeks to transform a global reputation into sustainable income.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Hilary Beckles, who has addressed this development over the past few months, noted that “This is an important and very timely step for the university as it implements its financial revolution according to our strategic plan. We are determined to succeed, but success comes with an orderly and systematic approach and effective leadership. Dr. Longsworth is commended for her sophisticated negotiation skills and dedication to our strategic vision”.

The Vice-Chancellor further noted that “The university is moving fast on its plan for financial planning and that there are still such major funding initiatives in the world. Our development work and institutional credibility are now known worldwide and our allies would like to provide support”.