Sunday, August 1, 2021 | 09:47 am

Twitter Is Working on New ‘Safety Mode’ Feature: All You Need to Know

Twitter Is Working on New ‘Safety Mode’ Feature: All You Need to Know

Twitter, during its Analyst Day presentation on February 25, revealed that it has been working on a new anti-troll feature called ‘Safety Mode’. According to Twitter, this feature will automatically detect and block abusive accounts.

Twitter didn’t provide much information about the still-in-development feature. However, it did show two screenshots of the feature. According to the screenshots revealed by Twitter, users will receive a notification when their tweets are getting “negative attention” from other users.

The Safety Mode will contain an ‘Auto block and mute’ function which users will have the option of turning on or off. This function will “automatically block accounts that appear to break the Twitter Rules and mute accounts that might be using insults, name-calling, strong language, or hateful remarks”.

The feature will detect accounts that might be acting abusive or spammy towards the user. It can limit the ability of such accounts to engage with the user for seven days. It will also show, the replies of such accounts to a fewer number of people. Twitter will send notifications to the user’s phone informing them when the tool is doing its job, according to Yahoo News. Twitter did not share a timeline for when it plans to launch the ‘Safety Mode’.

Twitter has some other features which are aimed at addressing and reducing abuse and misuse of the social media platform. Currently, it allows its users to hide the replies of other users. Users can also control who is allowed to reply to their tweets.

In 2019, Twitter had claimed that it had detected and removed more than 50 percent of abusive tweets before users had flagged them.