Saturday, November 26, 2022 | 09:55 pm

The US Warned of Chinese Ability To Militarise Space Technology To Block American Radars

The US Warned of Chinese Ability To Militarise Space Technology To Block American Radars

The United States suspects that China may have a plan in waiting to use space technology to block American radars and jam sophisticated weapons systems if the need arises, according to recent reports. Recently, the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) of the US, has submitted an 80-page report for consideration by the Biden administration and action.

The report, which is cited by The Singapore Post, said that it gives credence to what was suspected by the international community till now that China has reached a stage of self-reliance in space technology and acquired capabilities to “prevail in a major conflict with the United States and is aggressively launching, acquiring, and obtaining through espionage the counter-space capabilities necessary to do so.”

“As Chinas and Russias space and counter-space capabilities increase, both nations are integrating space scenarios into their military exercises,” the report said, according to The Singapore Post.

However, the DIA focuses more on the activities of China which it finds are “most worrisome to the United States, not only because of the country`s rapid growth in space–doubling the number of ISR satellites it has in space to 250 since 2018–but also its rapid acquisition and pursuit of counter-space capabilities”.

“The PLA probably sees counter-space operations as a means to deter and counter a U.S. intervention during a regional military conflict,” the DIA wrote in the report.

Quoting an article by DefenseOne, the military analysis website, the DIA said: “China has claimed that ‘destroying or capturing satellites and other sensors would make it difficult for the US and allied militaries to use precision-guided weapons.”