Wednesday, November 30, 2022 | 01:52 am

The Newest Innovation From VINCUE, Called VINCUE PULSE™, Puts Real-time Insights Into Sales Performance Data at Your Fingertips

The Newest Innovation From VINCUE, Called VINCUE PULSE™, Puts Real-time Insights Into Sales Performance Data at Your Fingertips

DealerCue Automotive Corp., the maker of VINCUE’s unified inventory lifecycle solutions, today announces its latest innovation for the automotive industry’s dealerships. VINCUE PULSE™, a dynamic performance dashboard with multiple lenses for sales and acquisition activities – is available on personal devices and within your dealership.

For 75 years, many dealers have come to rely on their whiteboards, paper sold logs or Excel spreadsheets to manually track or share their key sales pending and sold the performance. CRMs have done a nice job of working to close the gap, but the data still requires logging in and digging. 

At VINCUE, we love a good whiteboard to help us brainstorm and collaborate, but when it comes to tracking the pulse of inventory, sales, and acquisitions? We’ve created a better way. 

“Often owners, managers, and their staff want quick access to sales and inventory data while away from their dealership. We wanted to create a way to stay up-to-date while in the dealership or on the go without the need to sift through numerous reports and systems or create another program to manage,” says VINCUE Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer Chris Hoke. “All of the data and lenses are already built into the VINCUE solution.”

Now, with VINCUE PULSE™, dealers get real-time updates every time a vehicle is sold, marked pending, or even acquired, providing dealers with real-time data, important trends, and early warning of issues to help them proactively manage trouble spots and keep their teams focused on meeting their goals. And the best part? It’s all available in the palm of your hand or on the digital scoreboard in your dealership. 

Simply said, VINCUE PULSE™ allows you to know the pulse of your organization.

VINCUE PULSE™ provides you and your team with a real-time view of every sale and acquisition. Display your team’s photos along with each contributor’s own sales numbers, quotas, and trends – all updated in real-time to ignite and inspire a fun, professional, and competitive culture.

VINCUE PULSE™ displays metrics that motivate, unite and ignite your team: 

  • Number of units sold / day / week / month / year
  • Number of units pending 
  • Comparison to the previous reporting period
  • Activities by sales rep, today, this week, month, and historical
  • Number of units acquired by rep and channel
  • And so much more … 

“Everything I need to know is available at my fingertips, no more manual tracking across Excel spreadsheets, Google docs, and CRMs,” says Danny Zaslavsky, Dealer Principal, Country Hill Motors and Managing Partner, VINCE. “It allows me to start innovating and get creative on how I incentivize, excite, and manage our sales,” he adds. 

Only VINCUE makes this innovation possible. Because all of the data you need is collected and stored securely in the end-to-end VINCUE platform – Anytime. Anywhere. Across all devices.