Sunday, June 4, 2023 | 02:23 pm

The Car Wash Show™: OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions Showcases New Wash Technologies

The Car Wash Show™: OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions Showcases New Wash Technologies

OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions (VWS) announced in a press release that it is exhibiting its vehicle wash equipment and systems in Booth Nos. 915 and 1143 at The Car Wash Show™.

In addition to its booth presence, OPW VWS will also be sponsoring “The Big Bash,” scheduled for 5-8 p.m. PDT on Monday, May 8, on Level 3 of the LVCC.

This networking event is open to all show attendees and will feature various forms of entertainment, including arcade games, a live band and a grand-prize game, along with three hours of open bar and food options.

During the show in Booth No. 915, OPW VWS will be introducing four of its newest vehicle wash technologies from product brands PDQ Manufacturing and Belanger: Belanger QuickFire™ SureShot Wraparound: The Quickfire SureShot builds on Belanger’s QuickFire wraparound technology for front, side and rear cleaning to deliver a new standard in wraparound cleaning performance, durability and reliability, the release stated.

With the ability to wash 200 or more cars per hour, the QuickFireSureShot features a newly designed roller-head assembly that delivers consistent and reliable Dual-Directional travel action.

It possesses the ability to accurately sense different vehicle lengths and widths and deliver complete, consistent surface contact, resulting in a cleaner car.

QuickFire SureShot also “chases” the car through the wash, even at high line speeds, further enhanced by the incorporation of a patented DynaTrigger™ Sizer that enables the QuickFire SureShot to “fire” across the rear of the vehicle for taillight-to-taillight coverage that effectively eliminates “skunk striping” with no need for manual prepping.

AutoTowel By Belanger®: For years, wash operators have battled the frustrating challenge of seeing wet vehicles exiting their tunnels.

Belanger has confronted that challenge head-on with the creation of AutoTowel By Belanger, a next-generation friction-drying technology that keeps its DryMitt drying media from becoming oversaturated during the course of the wash day.

This is accomplished through AutoTowel’s patent-pending vacuum system that extracts and pulls water away from the slow-spinning DryMitt drying media as it works, resulting in a totally dry vehicle as it exits the tunnel, even at line speeds up to 140 vehicles an hour.

This advancement eliminates the need for additional dryers, which saves tunnel space and the deployment of employees armed with towels at the tunnel exit.

Ultimately, it means that the last car of the day is as dry as the first, the release said.

PDQ LaserGlow Arch: The new LaserGlow Arch is available exclusively for use on the PDQ LaserWash® 360 Plus IBA system.

Using state-of-the-art smart technology, the LaserGlow Arch’s LED lights have hundreds of color and pattern combinations available that allow it to be used to both actively market your site 24/7/365 and as navigational assistance for customer loading.

The programmable lighting colors and sequences can display anything from multiple colors to flashing patterns and constant illumination, and when combined with the IBA’s directional signage, create informative visual signals that provide easy-to-understand guidance for drivers during the loading process.

With 13 preloaded and five operator-selected lighting programs available, colors can be selected that match the wash brand, holidays, seasonal promotions and even hometown sports team’s colors.

Belanger MiniFlex: Designed as a dedicated horizontal-surface washer, the MiniFlex excels at cleaning vehicle hoods, roofs and trunk lids while providing an extremely quiet wash experience via the incorporation of Neotex® closed-cell foam wash “fingers” that combine superior wash coverage with vastly reduced in-vehicle noise levels, the release said.

The MiniFlex features one of the industry’s highest pivot points, along with a fully adjustable counterweight, which allows it to deliver consistent cleaning results regardless of the vehicle’s size or shape.

When used with a Belanger controller, the Auto-Retract feature senses open truck beds and automatically lifts out of the way, giving operators a wash-wheel option that accommodates every vehicle type.

Additionally, visitors to Booth No. 1143 will have an opportunity to become familiar with the wash-management tools of OPW VWS product brand Innovative Control Systems (ICS).

ICS products and systems are designed to optimize wash performance.