Saturday, November 26, 2022 | 10:09 pm

TD Bank Opens South Florida Tech Hub

TD Bank Opens South Florida Tech Hub

TD Bank Group has launched a technology hub in Fort Lauderdale designed to support what it calls an emerging center of tech innovation in South Florida.
As the Toronto-based company said in a news release Tuesday (April 26), the move is designed to help TD Bank access a burgeoning community of tech talent.
“Our new technology hub will focus on tapping into South Florida’s fast-growing technology talent pool to help enhance our innovation and customer delivery capabilities,” said Greg Keeley, the bank’s senior executive vice president, platforms and technology. “Together with technology teams across our footprint, we are committed to help drive agility, innovation and speed at scale to serve our customers and address their rapidly changing expectations.”
TD says it plans to create 200 jobs in the region over the next two years to support the project, part of a recent announcement that it will hire more than 2,000 people will skills in DevOps, cloud, machine learning, and automation, as well as people experienced in agile methodology, UX design, and mobile.
“The anticipated influx of talent will continue to help drive investments TD has made in new technologies and new digital experiences for customers, as well as help empower colleagues through innovation,” the release said.
The bank adds that a multi-year relationship with the Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation (also known as the Levan Center) will help it boost its presence in South Florida’s tech community.
Last month, TD Bank’s auto finance division became the first indirect lender and first major auto lender to offer the means for real-time payments nationwide to its dealer network.
This new capability lets TD Auto Finance make payments to dealers throughout the day as contracts are signed and avoid sending batch payments overnight using ACH.
“We understand how important cash flow is to dealers. Our goal with real-time payments is to make life easier for dealers by eliminating the need to wait for payments overnight and giving them maximum confidence in their cash position and ability to operate their business,” said Andrew Stuart, president and CEO of TD Auto Finance.