Sunday, May 28, 2023 | 07:55 pm

Science Classrooms at William Floyd High School Now Have Cutting-Edge Technology

Science Classrooms at William Floyd High School Now Have Cutting-Edge Technology

The William Floyd School District has recently acquired an Anatomage Table, a groundbreaking piece of equipment that is described as the most technologically advanced 3D visualization and virtual dissection tool for anatomy and physiology education available. This technology will be used to supplement lessons in the Medical Assisting program, part of the high school’s award-winning Career and Technical Education program, as well as the science department’s anatomy and physiology classes. The William Floyd School District is among just a small number of public schools on Long Island to have this tool available for student use.

A relatively new technology, the Anatomage Table enhances student learning by providing real-life dissection of a human body or animal cadaver without chemicals, unpleasant smells, recurring costs, regulations and a higher student participation rate over traditional means. It also provides opportunities for the study of human cadavers that are not available at the high school level.

“At William Floyd, we want our students to experience the most engaging activities and cutting-edge technology to enhance their learning,” said Dr. Luisa McHugh, science chairperson, William Floyd School District. “We believe the Anatomage Table will not only prepare students, but inspire them to pursue college and career paths in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) fields.”

Students, using the Anatomage Table, have the ability to explore each layer of a digitally re-created body structure (muscular, skeletal or cardiovascular) to learn about anatomy and physiology. They can also use videos or integrated quizzes preinstalled in the table for further expansion and enhanced learning.

“The Anatomage Table has been a great piece of equipment added into the classroom,” said Jason McKay, senior Medical Assisting teacher, William Floyd High School. “The students are engaged and excited when we use it in class.”

This technology will eventually be introduced into all sections of the Medical Assisting program, as well as into the anatomy and physiology classes at the high school.

The table can be displayed both horizontally and vertically and seamlessly incorporate into lectures, presentations and group work stations. The table’s software allows students to manipulate its 3D image in any way and focus on certain sections of the body – such as the skull, neck or heart.

The Anatomage Table has been lauded for its innovative approach to digital anatomy presentation. Various studies have shown that test scores improved for students engaged in this type of visualization and dissection tool.