Sunday, June 13, 2021 | 05:44 am

Samsung’s SmartThings Find Can Scan For Unknown Galaxy Smart Tags

Samsung’s SmartThings Find Can Scan For Unknown Galaxy Smart Tags

Samsung launched the new Galaxy SmartTag alongside its flagship Galaxy S21 series earlier this year. The Bluetooth-enabled SmartTag helps you easily find misplaced items, like your wallet, keys, etc, using the SmartThings Find feature in the SmartThings app. While the SmartTag’s capabilities make it a great buy for those who often misplace such items, it also makes the device a handy tool for miscreants to track unsuspecting users. Thankfully, Samsung is aware of this issue, and it has now released a new feature that will help you scan for unknown SmartTags using the SmartThings app on your device.

In a recent blog post, Samsung highlighted two new SmartThings Find features. The first feature lets you use the company’s voice assistant Bixby to conduct “convenient hands-free, voice-activated Galaxy SmartTag searches.” With this new feature, you’ll be able to relocate items by calling out the SmartTag’s name to Bixby.

The second feature, called Unknown Tag Search, aims to address the issue mentioned above. It lets you detect unknown Galaxy SmartTags that don’t belong to you but is moving along with you. To use the feature, all you need to do is tap on the start button and the feature will instantly scan for unknown SmartTags. All unknown SmartTags will then show up in a list, letting you ensure that nobody is secretly tracking your location.

Samsung further clarifies that all SmartThings Find user data is encrypted and securely protected through a randomized private ID. The ID changes every 15 minutes, which ensures that other users can’t access your device’s location. In case you have a Galaxy SmartTag lying around and you wish to try these new features, you can download the latest SmartThings update by following the Play Store link below. Alternatively, you can download the latest update from the Galaxy app store on your Samsung device.