Monday, May 29, 2023 | 08:08 am

Samsung SDS to Open Its Cloud Services to Outside Clients

Samsung SDS to Open Its Cloud Services to Outside Clients

Samsung SDS Co., the information technology (IT) service unit of South Korea’s top Samsung Group, plans to offer its cloud platform service that focuses on its affiliates to a wider range of customers and support innovation in digital business.

Hwang Sung-woo, chief executive officer at Samsung SDS, on Friday announced in a press conference in Seoul that the company will expand the service scope of Samsung Cloud Platform (SCP) to customers other than its affiliates. He also unveiled a new brand slogan, “Cloud. Simply Fit.”

“Samsung SDS possesses the technological capabilities to provide cloud infrastructure as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), cloud management as a Managed Service Provider, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) together, which is unique in Korea,” Hwang said. “We will provide customized cloud services that customers need to support their digital business innovation.”

Samsung SDS aims to provide cloud services tailored to the complex business processes and requirements of each client. The company has already successfully performed over 200 digital innovation projects in various fields, including finance, manufacturing, and public sectors, based on its SCP expertise.

One of the Samsung SDS clients built a financial integration mobile app through the SCP that can flexibly respond to more than 10 million users and hundreds of thousands of financial transactions per second in a secure environment where physical resources such as networks, servers, and storage spaces are separated.

Samsung SDS also unveiled its third data center in the country that opened in Dongtan, Gyeonggi Province, in December last year.

The new location represents the country’s first high-performance computing (HPC) dedicated data center that specializes in complex operations such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis.

Samsung SDS said that it has an inter-data center backup on three data centers, which is unique in the local industry. The new data center uses an eco-friendly cooling system that uses outside wind instead of air conditioning. This system allows the center to reduce its carbon footprint by not using the refrigeration systems.

Samsung SDS aims to reduce 21,443 tons of greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.