Monday, May 29, 2023 | 10:17 pm

Quizlet Introduces “Q-Chat,” An AI Tutor Created Using the OpenAI API

Quizlet Introduces “Q-Chat,” An AI Tutor Created Using the OpenAI API

Global study platform Quizlet today introduced Q-Chat, the first fully adaptive, AI-powered tutor experience built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API.

Q-Chat leverages Quizlet’s massive educational content library which includes billions of questions and definitions in conjunction with AI models from OpenAI to provide a virtual tutor experience to students. Q-chat automatically quizzes students and helps deepen their knowledge of whatever concepts they are learning in a conversational and engaging way.

Quizlet has long invested in AI to make studying more engaging and effective for students. The company has collaborated with OpenAI since 2020, leveraging GPT-3 across multiple use cases including vocabulary learning and practice tests. AI and machine learning also underpin Learn Mode, which launched in 2017 and helps students learn their material faster through personalized and adaptive study experiences.

Quizlet’s student-first strategy for integrating AI into its platform garnered national recognition in 2022, with Fast Company naming Smart Grading as one of the Next Big Things in social good and education for its ability to “better assess a student’s written response for signs of conceptual understanding, rather than solely rewarding rote memorization.”

“Quizlet has long recognized the potential of AI to enhance studying and learning by personalizing the student experience,” said Lex Bayer, Chief Executive Officer, Quizlet. “As an early adopter of this technology, we know that when used effectively it can help students deepen their knowledge and learn more efficiently. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with OpenAI and providing our students with more ways to practice and master whatever they’re learning.”

At launch, Q-Chat will be available in beta to US Quizlet users ages 18 and up.