Thursday, April 22, 2021 | 02:00 am

Qualcomm Likely to Play Key Role in Jio-Google Budget Smartphone

Qualcomm Likely to Play Key Role in Jio-Google Budget Smartphone

Qualcomm is likely to play a significant role in the production of Jio-Google budget smartphones which will be rolled out this year.

Reliance Jio announced its collaboration with Google for making a low-cost Android smartphone last year. Now, chipset maker Qualcomm has likely joined the team to power the smartphones.

Ranjen Vagadia, President Qualcomm India told The Economic Times, “Qualcomm partnered with Jio for the massification of its 4G VoLTE and it would like to take that legacy forward to collaborate with them in bringing new devices and offerings, across price tiers that they would drive,”

However, he added that any decision on Qualcomm supporting the 4G budget Android smartphone or its 400-series Snapdragon chipsets being in play there would be “confidential to Jio and Google”.

The upcoming low-cost Android device is speculated to be priced around Rs 4,000 to attract masses in the Indian market. Another report claims that Jio is expected to launch around 200 million units within two years.

“Qualcomm lives by the 5G for-all mantra, and we’ve seen 5G devices launched at lower price-points of Rs 20,000 this year, and given the history of how prices of 4G phones came down in India, I see an acceleration in the massification of 5G devices, given that 4G phones running on both our 600 and 400 series chipsets are already priced at sub-Rs 10,000 and around,” Vagadia was quoted saying in the ET report

Earlier Reliance Jio had planned to launch the budget smartphone by December 2020. However, the release of the device has been postponed and is now expected to get launched in the first quarter of this year.