Monday, January 30, 2023 | 06:43 am

Pushing the Envelope, Ambitious Travel Tech Startup Mapathink Crossed 20M INR in Revenue in Just 9 Months

Pushing the Envelope, Ambitious Travel Tech Startup Mapathink Crossed 20M INR in Revenue in Just 9 Months

As the world slowly opens up again and post-Covid travel restrictions are being lifted, more and more people cannot wait to pack their bags and go to their well-deserved and long-anticipated vacation destinations.

Dubai, Maldives, Singapore, and Thailand are some of the most popular countries that tens of millions of people have visited this year. Among dozens of emerging travel tech companies and organizations, none stands out as Mapathink – a company that revolutionized Asia traveling with unbeatable service, highly competitive prices, and peerless quality of customer support.

Mapathink Pvt Ltd. was founded in 2020 merely a month before the first round of lockdowns began. Leveraging advanced technologies and the vast experience of its professional travel operators, this company climbed to the very top of the ladder by setting its clients up with revolutionary tour packages and products.

For its exemplary results and service, Mapathink was recognized by the “Start-Up India” program hosted by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India. The company recently eclipsed its 20M INR turnover milestone despite starting during the very first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alok Rattan, one of the co-founders, founded Mapathink with a clear-cut vision – to empower travelers with bespoke traveling packages at prices no contemporary travel operators can rival.

The Team’s extensive experience in the fields of travel, tourism, and law enabled him to create a comprehensive platform and custom travel products that provide superior value to each customer.

Safety is the number one priority of Mapathink, which is the reason why this company offers a broad range of insurance plans that complement each of its products. From life insurance and travel insurance to health and package insurance, this firm is committed to granting travelers peace of mind and unparalleled traveling security.

As imparted by Mapathink’s spokesperson, the firm includes multiple types of bespoke insurance plans that can cater to each need of travelers, no matter how constrained or extensive their budgets may be, stating the following:

“Our organization provides an array of ancillary insurance plans for the consumer to safeguard their package,” said Mapathink’s spokesperson.

The Best Price Guarantee separates Mapathink from contemporary alternatives and serves as a reassurance that each customer will receive the best possible quote in addition to comprehensive traveling and insurance products.

Mapathink’s knowledgeable and friendly customer support staff is working around the clock to ensure all inquiries made by the company’s clients are addressed timely and properly.