Wednesday, May 31, 2023 | 03:06 pm

Partnership Between CASEpeer and Milestones Automation Software

Partnership Between CASEpeer and Milestones Automation Software

CASEpeer,The #1 rated software for personal injury law firms, has announced its new integration with automatic update software, Milestones. The Milestones software keeps clients up to date on cases with automatic messaging notifications, allowing lawyers to spend more time focusing on the case itself. Milestones integrated into the CASEpeer platform provides consistent notifications, reporting, and education to every phase of client cases.

“We are thrilled to partner with Milestones to optimize client communication for our personal injury law firms and allow firms to keep clients in the know on cases automatically,” said Gabriela Cubeiro, co-founder of CASEpeer. “Milestones will be seamlessly integrated within CASEpeer as we continue to add new innovation and features, making firms’ daily operations as convenient as possible.”

Automation software allows personal injury firms to update their clients quickly, allowing them to take on more new business. According to the 2022 MyCase Legal Industry Report, a top reason for integrating with automation software is for the ability to customize its functionality to firms’ unique needs.

“The CASEpeer and Milestones integration reveals an opportunity to intensify customer experience and implement a process for personal injury firms to communicate with clients faster,” said Dru Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer of AffiniPay, parent company of CASEpeer. “We are constantly looking for ways to make personal injury firms’ processes easier. The combination of services between CASEpeer and Milestones will strengthen proactive communication, client satisfaction, and transparency.”