Thursday, January 27, 2022 | 12:27 pm

OnePlus Just Hinted That It’s Jumping On The Foldable Phone Bandwagon

OnePlus Just Hinted That It’s Jumping On The Foldable Phone Bandwagon

Foldable smartphones and devices have been an obsession for brands over the past couple of years and while only a handful of devices exist for the masses to get their hands on, brands aren’t backing out of the fad just yet. The latest brand to jump on? OnePlus.

The company has recently teased its foldable phone on Twitter and the caption of the tweet has been worded in a way to suggests that there might be an official announcement about the device on 11th August.

One thing to note is that the tweet was posted by OnePlus USA (@OnePlus_USA) and not OnePlus’ global account that goes by the handle @OnePlus on Twitter. The tweet also comes ahead of Samsung’s event where Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy Fold and Flip series.

Looking at the short video teaser, it can be observed that the phone seems to have two individual displays attached, like the LG G8X ThinQ, as opposed to the flexible displays Samsung uses on its Fold devices. We can also see the familiar slider on the right side along with the power button and the volume rockers on the left side.

There also have been no previous leaks or news that hinted towards OnePlus working on its own Foldable devices. The announcement might be a concept release, or perhaps a roadmap of OnePlus’ development towards future folding phones but whatever it is, we’re all super pumped and even more so because OnePlus has somehow managed to hold on to a secret for once.