Wednesday, May 31, 2023 | 04:03 pm

Nissan Recalls More Than 700,000 SUVs for Major Problems

Nissan Recalls More Than 700,000 SUVs for Major Problems

Nissan has recalled over 700,000 Rogue and Rogue Sport compact SUVs.

The recall comes after the automaker noticed the SUVs can be shut off accidentally in the middle of driving, CNN reported.

Certain Nissan Rogue SUVs with the model year 2016 through 2020 and Rogue Sport 2017 through 2022 have jackknife-style keys where the metal blade of the key flips out from the plastic key fob. Over time, the internal joint in the key can weaken, causing the key to accidentally fold while in use. If this occurs while the key is in the ignition, it could cause the car to turn off if the key is touched or bumped.

The recall only involves the base Rogue S and smaller Rogue Sport S models.

Owners with a key that will not remain in the extended ‘open’ position should contact their local authorized Nissan dealer for diagnosis, the automaker said in a statement per the outlet.

According to documents, Nissan filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but the automaker has not yet worked out a solution to the problem. Once a solution is available, it will be provided by Nissan dealers free of charge, according to NHTSA.

For now, owners of the vehicles listed above are currently being advised to not attach anything to the keys that might pull it down. Additionally, they are being advised to insert the key into the ignition in a direction that would only allow the key to fold upward and not down.

A Nissan spokesperson told CNN that the company has not been made aware of any deaths or injuries that pertain to this issue.