Saturday, December 3, 2022 | 10:19 am

New Horizons and EC-council Partner to Gamify Penetration Testing

New Horizons and EC-council Partner to Gamify Penetration Testing

New Horizons IT and Business Training Solutions, a leading global provider of cutting-edge IT training to corporate learners and administrators, has expanded its partnership with EC-Council, a world leader in Cybersecurity Education, that will make EC-Council’s world-class cyber range available to New Horizons learners. The first offering on the cyber range will be a Capture the Flag (CTF) experience called “Hack the Power Grid.”

“We have a desperate need for information security professionals who have been trained to know what they don’t know,” said Bill Jones, Vice-President of Business Operating Systems for New Horizons. “Knowledge is critical, but it’s not enough. Experience is crucial and it’s far better to get it in a world-class cyber range where competitors race to be the first to find a weakness in the network. I’m very excited about this event because it will allow participants to demonstrate what they are good at, in an entertaining environment, while they discover where they need additional training.”

Hack The Power Grid is an individual-based CTF event where players compete to acquire flags off a fictional power grid network within a 4-hour time period. Each player has their own set of flags and will compete in their own lanes. Players will apply real-life attack sequences in a well-thought-out power grid environment created by battle-hardened and seasoned professionals.

This kind of experiential training is critically important in a world where data breaches and cyberattacks have become commonplace. While global tensions are currently heightened due to conflict in Eastern Europe, Steve Graham, Senior Vice-President for EC-Council Global, says cybersecurity professionals have been competing with attackers for years.

“I expect our newly enhanced partnership with New Horizons to be one of our most impactful relationships,” Graham said. “We routinely hold individual training events for government agencies and corporations, but with New Horizons we can offer this type of experience thousands of times each year. By continuing to invest in our platform and our partnership with New Horizons, we can bring this level of technological sophistication to training for any learner.”

Jones says anyone involved in information security, regardless of their current skill level, should consider attending this event. His hope is that corporations will send their professionals to evaluate their future training needs and then act to provide them.

“When I consider all the things that an information security expert could spend their time doing, this is a minimum basic requirement,” Jones said. “This is an opportunity to enjoy a learning experience. Regardless of your skill set, you’re going to learn something through this event.”