Sunday, June 4, 2023 | 01:53 pm

New Automotive Content Matrix by 36Kr Launched to Focus on the Changing Face of the Automotive Industry

New Automotive Content Matrix by 36Kr Launched to Focus on the Changing Face of the Automotive Industry

A prominent brand and pioneering platform dedicated to serving New Economy participants in China, today announced the launch of a new automotive content matrix comprising “Future Auto Daily”, “PowerOn”, and “36Kr Auto”. Building on its deep insights and rich experience throughout the industry value chain, the Company will continue to focus on China’s transforming automotive sector.

At the 12th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition that has just opened, 36Kr provided in-depth first-hand coverage spanning from the exhibition venue to new models, participating companies, key personalities, and influencers while also officially unveiling its new automotive content portfolio, including the public WeChat accounts of “Future Auto Daily”, “PowerOn”, and the WeChat Video Account of “36Kr Auto”. The matrix encompasses a broad array of content programs, such as original stories, in-depth reporting, automotive product tests, and interviews. Through these programs, 36Kr will provide brand building, short-form video customization, and shooting and production services to automotive clients. Meanwhile, the Company will work with traditional auto manufacturers, along with auto supply chain, battery, and smart system companies, to jointly explore the development of the automotive industry, better serving China’s New Economy participants.

With the rapid development and rise of the global new energy vehicle and smart vehicle markets, technological upgrades and breakthrough innovation will become the latest trend in China’s automotive industry. The launch of 36Kr’s new automotive content portfolio will lay a solid foundation for solidifying the Company’s presence in the automotive sector´╝î exploring immense advancement opportunities to strengthen growth momentum further and unlocking greater enterprise value.