Monday, May 29, 2023 | 07:48 am

Launched by Polysense Is the iEdge 4.0 OS-based Next-generation BYOD Smart Iot Terminal

Launched by Polysense Is the iEdge 4.0 OS-based Next-generation BYOD Smart Iot Terminal

The iEdge 4.0 based configurable and modular next generation smart IoT terminal provides the capability and the empowering of BYOD with Polysense Technologies, which supports the services of white-label, rebrand, OEM/ODM for the global IoT market.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Santa Clara, Calif., Jan.28th, 2023—Polysense Technologies Inc., (Polysense) an innovation leader in LPWA IoT solutions for wireless sensing, today announce the commercial availability of its next generation iEdge 4.0 OS based smart IoT terminal, which supports the capabilities of BYOD(Build-Your-Own-Device) with services of white-label, rebrand, OEM/ODM for the global IoT market, and enable the Telecommunications Services Providers, SP equipment vendors, Systems Integrators, IoT platform services providers and end users greatly reduce the scenarios-based IoT applications complexity and integrations total cost with the new open-architecture based products lines.

iEdge 4.0 is Polysense next generation smart IoT terminal OS which adopts micro kernel architecture, supports MPI (Multiple Purpose Interfaces) with virtualized soft interface technology and various CPU/MCU via microkernel virtualization technology, provides local and remote management capabilities and enhances the flexibility with dynamic driver download via configuration tool.

The microkernel adopts hierarchical architecture which includes BootOS self-boot and the main task loading, which bring more flexibility for Polysense-predefined and 2nd development capabilities. With the open kernel support, the iEdge 4.0 based products bring the advantages 3rd party development to support their own transmission technologies or sensors so that to enjoy the value brings to them with rich array sensors ecosystems.

“Following the deployment of WxS8000 LoRa series, WxS6000 BT/BLE series, WxS7000 WiFi series, WxS9000 NB-IoT series and the Cat1/Cat4 series and the increasing portfolio quantity of supported chemical and physical sensors over the world, many customers express their interest to build their own sensor devices based on Polysense technologies to meet customers various real use cases and the services customers requested “, said Alex Wu, the President and CEO of Polysense Technologies, ” by providing the iEdge 4.0 micro virtual kernel supported products, we restructure and relaunch the configurable and modular smart terminal series and can now pleased tell our partners over the world that -Yes, we can!”.

With the iEdge OS 4.0 support, Polysense (next generation smart IoT terminal) decouple any smart sensors into four logical components-transmission parts (WxS Series), interfaces mainboard (PSM), battery option (PSB) and sensors (PSS). Any scenario specific sensors are easily assembled and configured according to the specific customer requirements. Just 4 easy steps are needed to develop your own sensors (BYOD) by selecting Polysense pre-developed products or developing your own transmission technology or your own sensors and connecting to Polysense iEdge 4.0 based main board with Polysense provided API.

“Polysense Technologies fills the gap between the fixed IoT products and the feature rich use cases in current IoT ecosystems. It enables and empowers the onsite capability to provide combo sensor mixture to meet various and changing requirements,” said Amy Zheng, the President of LiteSystems Technologies, “the iEdge 4.0 based configurable and modular products provide unlimited mixture of sensors, meters, controllers and any expansion requirements. We are excited to work with Polysense to serve our customers with any sensing combinations capability in a timely manner in IoT industry.”

Except the capability to Build-Your-Own-Devices with simply 4 steps, the new open architecture supports any of the smart terminal components Polysense pre-built, which provide much more cost-effective sensor solutions for any large quantity opportunities, and provide the possibilities of selecting any transmission technologies appropriate to the customers, implementation site, and use cases.

“We are experiencing many difficult times to meet customer’s requirements to find proper IoT products to meet customer requirements, which including many totally different use cases, different transmission technologies, different sensor mixtures, and tight time slot to provide the solutions. Now we are equipped with the ability to meet these customer’s requirements and have perfect confidence to work with Polysense to expand into new IoT area.” Said Andrej Prebanda from Coin Ltd.