Sunday, May 28, 2023 | 08:06 pm

Launch of New Sludge Recovery Technology by Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc. For Hazmat Disposal of Oil/Gas Wastewater

Launch of New Sludge Recovery Technology by Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc. For Hazmat Disposal of Oil/Gas Wastewater

Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc. (OTC: CETI), an environmentally-focused water science technology company, announces the launch of its innovative Sludge Recovery Technology (“SRT”) designed to recycle and repurpose contaminated oil production and fracking wastewater. Currently, this water is disposed of in Saltwater Disposal wells or (“SWD’s”) which have recently been shown to cause earthquakes and other environmental hazards.

An SWD is a type of well used in the oil & gas industry to dispose of naturally produced water – a byproduct of oil & gas production that contains high levels of brine, radioactive materials and HazMat sludge. The water is too salty and contaminated to be used or discharged on the ground or into nearby waterways, so it is injected deep into the ground. According to the Texas Railroad Commission, there are currently 52,000 permitted disposal wells in the state of Texas. The Water Development Board estimated 184 billion gallons of oilfield wastewater was disposed of through SWD’s in Texas in 2020. In other words, that’s enough water to fill the Dallas Cowboy Stadium 175 times.

CETI has conducted testing, for the last 90 days, with multiple SWD’s in several states to prove its oil production water and waste management remediation capabilities and the cost savings it will provide to SWD’s. Several contracts with SWD’s to decontaminate hazardous waste water and NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material) are expected by the 2nd quarter. CETI’s recycling or repurposing of clean water is suitable for crop irrigation, livestock breeding, potable water for surrounding communities, or reuse for fracking and other industrial applications rather than getting pumped back in the ground. “Cleaning and repurposing contaminated oil production wastewater would make a significant environmental impact for the state of Texas which has been drought stricken for years”, said TJ Agardy, (co-Founder, President and CTO).

CETI has run preliminary tests for potable water on its Pilot oil field in West Texas. Given the results so far, patents are planned to be filed shortly after final testing is completed for both SRT and the conversion of oil production wastewater to potable water.