Monday, May 29, 2023 | 08:15 am

Launch of AI Video Analytics by Claro Enterprise Solutions

Launch of AI Video Analytics by Claro Enterprise Solutions

Claro Enterprise Solutions, the global integrator specializing in managing secure-by-design cybersecurity and information technology solutions, announces the launch of its AI Video Analytics product, powered by Iveda® (NASDAQ: IVDA), the global solution provider for AI video and sensor technologies, to offer an innovative and invaluable tool for enhancing vigilance in public spaces, including school campuses.

With the increasing number of incidents over the past few years, there has never been a more critical time for technology solutions providers to come together, joining forces to develop a solution that works towards keeping people safe in public spaces,” said Andres Mosquera, CEO at Claro Enterprise Solutions. “Personnel can now access a fully managed, advanced artificial intelligence security solution to enhance monitoring and security efforts.”

Schools, workplaces, and city leaders across the United States are facing challenges regarding creating safe environments for all, and the increasing costs for security measures are playing a major part of that challenge.

Claro Enterprise Solutions’ aggressively priced School Safety Bundle provides advanced AI analytics for IP-enabled security cameras, detecting potential threats including weapons, smoke and fire, unauthorized access, and objects left behind. The technology supports real-time and forensic analytics (from recorded video) and applies multiple capabilities to one or more existing cameras. System administrators have the power to set up alerts to be sent to contacts of their choosing – from on-site security to community first responders–simultaneously when a detection occurs. The system can also be configured to trigger an automatic lockdown of doors, gates, etc. through existing access control systems.

“It’s absolutely critical that we demand the best for our children, and at Iveda, we’ve made it our mission to develop an economical security solution that can help to save lives,” said David Ly, Iveda CEO and founder. “Through this partnership with Claro Enterprise Solutions, we’re eliminating both the technical and financial complications when considering advanced security technology deployments, providing organizations across America with more economical access to these tools.”

This robust AI video surveillance technology can be added to existing infrastructure, meaning organizations around the country with functional cameras can seamlessly implement the technology and its next-generation, real-time capabilities in a single day. Its ease of configurability makes it an adaptable tool to fulfill most organizations security needs. Bringing this artificial intelligence solution to the market and helping improve safety is a pivotal progression of Claro Enterprise Solutions’ corporate culture with the purpose of enabling a better world.