Home News Introducing Videeo™: CommentSold’s Innovative Shopify Live Selling App with Top Live Video Commerce Tech in North America

Introducing Videeo™: CommentSold’s Innovative Shopify Live Selling App with Top Live Video Commerce Tech in North America

Introducing Videeo™: CommentSold’s Innovative Shopify Live Selling App with Top Live Video Commerce Tech in North America
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

CommentSold, the leading fashion live selling platform, announced today the launch of Videeo for Shopify. This innovative Shopify app revolutionizes customer engagement and optimizes fashion and beauty live selling experiences with a host of innovations. Designed to integrate with Shopify seamlessly, Videeo empowers shops to convert e-commerce shoppers into super fans and repeat customers. Building a community and direct customer connections, in turn, increases conversions and maximizes revenue through the perfect fusion of entertainment and commerce.

Research shows that more than one-third of U.S. consumers have watched a shoppable live stream, and 52% of U.S. live stream viewers make purchases. Retailers and brands without an existing live video commerce strategy will face a significant challenge to stay competitive, especially as competition for wallet share grows more difficult in a tightening economy. Through an installation process that only takes five minutes, Shopify merchants can self-onboard and go live with their collections within a few hours of installation. Powered by CommentSold’s tried and tested market-leading technology backbone, Videeo is poised to unlock major video commerce success stories in the Shopify ecosystem.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Videeo App for Shopify, unlocking professional grade live selling for the Shopify community. Videeo will transform the way Shopify merchants engage with their customers, empowering them to build a ‘community’ of ardent followers who connect deeply with your brand and become repeat customers. This community effect drives higher conversions, revenue, and organic viral growth of your customer base,” said Andrew Chen, Chief Product Officer at CommentSold.

Videeo for Shopify offers a comprehensive suite of live selling features, providing merchants with the ability to:

Seamlessly livestream on their websites and social media channels with multi-casting and transactions on Facebook and Instagram (with more channels coming soon).

Enable guest and celebrity takeovers with multiple host/source video streaming that allows guest hosts to take over your live shows from any location, while selling products directly from your catalog- all with no installation required.

Turn your customers into lifelong followers by engaging your customers on screen through guest appearances and live reviews, plus a consolidated chat feed so you never overlook a key comment.

Produce structured yet dynamic live shows by planning live shows using Shopify collections or just scanning anything in the overall catalog to add it to a live show on the fly, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Plus, access essential features you’d expect like a user-friendly mini-player for uninterrupted viewing across your site and shoppable live replays that continue to generate sales on your website even when you’re not actively streaming.

And award winning customer support with email and chat support, as well as dedicated customer growth managers for top tier customers to go beyond issue resolution and provide invaluable tips to accelerate your business growth.

With its innovative and scalable solution set, Videeo for Shopify will revolutionize the landscape of interactive video commerce for Shopify merchants. It is available now on the Shopify App Store and a free 15-day trial is available.