Monday, January 24, 2022 | 09:13 pm

India Overtakes US To Become Second-Most Sought-After Manufacturing Destination

India Overtakes US To Become Second-Most Sought-After Manufacturing Destination

India has been ranked as the second-most sought-after manufacturing destination in the world. It is second only to China and has surpassed the US to bag the second-ranking. India, however, slipped a rank in the cost scenario and was overtaken by Indonesia. The Cushman and

Wakefield 2021 Global Manufacturing Risk Index stated that India could benefit from relocations from China to other parts of Asia, as it already has an established base in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and engineering — sectors that continue to be the focus of the US-China trade tensions. It, however, stated that reforms in land and labor laws are critical to ensure India’s success as a global manufacturing hub.

The baseline scenario gives equal importance to a country’s operating conditions and cost competitiveness.

Meanwhile, China has retained its top position and continues to diversify its manufacturing base. The report stated that even with the Biden administration’s concerns about trade, China continues to diversify its base to move up the value chain to focus on telecom, high-tech, and computers. Guangdong and Jiangsu regions are spearheading their electronic components and automotive manufacturing, while Zhejiang and Liaoning focus on chemicals and natural resources.

The US is a desirable hub as it offers a large consumer market as well as incentives at both state and federal levels. But its rapid adoption of technology and policies could make it a tough competitor to China, stated the report.

When it came to the cost scenario, India and Vietnam were overtaken by Indonesia, while China retained its leadership position. India slipped to the third rank, while Indonesia moved to the second from the fifth spot.

The report stated that Jakarta’s dipping rents have a part to play in cost-effectiveness that pushed Indonesia up by three spots. While wage costs in Vietnam are cheaper than in China, it is facing increasing competition from lower-cost locations. Similarly, Thailand’s cost profile moved it to the fifth spot from eighth. Colombia that has labor costs similar to Asia’s climbed from the 15th spot to the eighth spot.

But when it comes to the risk scenario that takes into account lower levels of economic and political risks, India is nowhere near the top. India has been clubbed in the third quartile of the rankings along with Malaysia, Belgium, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Romania, Thailand, Hungary, Colombia, Italy, Peru, and Vietnam. On top of the first quartile is China, followed by Canada, the US, Finland, Czech Republic. The second quartile has countries like Lithuania, France, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Japan, UK, etc.

Likewise, when it comes to the bounce back rating that takes into account a country’s ability to restart its manufacturing sector, India is in the fourth quartile with Sri Lanka, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Thailand, Tunisia, Peru, Philippines, and Venezuela.