Monday, May 29, 2023 | 08:45 pm

In Order to Enable Smart Lighting with Indoor IoT and Real-Time Location Services, Kontakt.io Partners with Signify

In Order to Enable Smart Lighting with Indoor IoT and Real-Time Location Services, Kontakt.io Partners with Signify

A pioneer in inpatient journey analytics, and Signify, a world leader in lighting systems, have announced a partnership to incorporate BLE-powered indoor IoT and location services into Signify’s connected lighting solutions, enabling healthcare providers to seamlessly and affordably future proof building infrastructure-retrofits and new constructions alike-and create a better experience for staff and patients.

The easily-installed connected lighting solutions will come with cloud services and IoT sensors that track the real-time location of BLE tags carried by staff, patients, and medical devices. This connectivity will also enable input from patient-room sensors through APIs, offer room-level location as-a-service, and support mobile indoor navigation, addressing a range of care delivery digitization scenarios, including.

  • Medical device management.
  • Staff duress and workflows.
  • Patient journey and experience.
  • Hand hygiene.
  • Environmental monitoring, and more.

Healthcare providers will benefit from significant cost savings by.

  • Integrating IoT and real-time location services (RTLS) into lighting systems-no need to purchase standalone solutions.
  • Open-ended infrastructure capable of expansion as needed.
  • Shortening time to value of launching new digital initiatives.
  • Supporting wall-mounted gateways for unconnected or existing ceiling spaces.

We’re extremely excited to see how Kontakt.io’s and Signify’s solutions work wonders together to revolutionize human experiences and patient care, said Kontakt.io CEO Philipp von Gilsa. Together, we provide a cost-effective, pervasive solution that will empower health systems to connect previously disparate digital building solutions, tripling their impact on patients and accelerating their digital transformation journey.

We specialize in using the lighting infrastructure to host value-added services in a digital ceiling. Our partnership with Kontakt.io will allow us to bring a proven solution in real-time location services for healthcare into our offer,” said Greg Nelson, Business Leader Digital Solutions at Signify.We’re excited that this combines the benefits of excellent lighting with efficiency for healthcare staff, to the benefit of patient health and well-being.

At the HIMSS Global Health Conference from April 17–21 in Chicago, Kontakt.io will showcase the joint offering that brings natural light indoors combined with IoT and RTLS deployments.