Wednesday, May 31, 2023 | 04:38 pm

In Light of Its Debut in Hong Kong, Meituan Introduces the Food Delivery Brand KeeTa

In Light of Its Debut in Hong Kong, Meituan Introduces the Food Delivery Brand KeeTa

Meituan (HKG: 3690) (the “Company”), a leading technology-driven retail company in China, today introduced KeeTa, a new food delivery brand as it officially launches in the Hong Kong market, to provide residents with more customized, efficient and reliable delivery services.

Following the initial launch in Mong Kok and Tai Kok Tsui, the Company expects KeeTa to complete full coverage of the Hong Kong market by the end of this year. The KeeTa app is now available for download in major mobile app stores. Delivery services via KeeTa will start at 8:00 a.m., Monday, May 22, 2023 local time.

Notable merchants that have joined KeeTa include brands like McDonald’s, Maxim’s MX , KFC, Yoshinoya Pacific Coffee, and popular food and beverage shops such as hana-musubi, Hung Fook Tong, and CHICHA San Chen. Each newly registered KeeTa user will receive a gift coupon package valued at HK$300, including special meal offers and delivery fee reductions.

KeeTa has introduced a Meal for One program customized for Hong Kong residents. It offers value-for-money set menus for individuals, which allow them to order a meal for as little as HK$60, including delivery fee. Currently available set menus include Chinese, western and Japanese cuisines and beverages. For merchants, the program provides optimized online exposure without requiring additional advertising and traffic expenses. Promoting selected set menus also helps merchants with more efficient ingredient purchasing and meal preparation. Merchants can grow their overall profitability through greater order volumes.

To further improve user experience, KeeTa has an “On-time Promise” policy, an industry-first in the Hong Kong market, which comes free-of-charge for all users. It includes a tiered compensation plan for late orders. Users are promised vouchers toward future purchases for eligible orders delivered more than 15 minutes beyond the original delivery estimate. For courier support, KeeTa is offering couriers multiple reward programs, including incentives for on-time deliveries to improve performance.

“We are seeing an accelerating development of the food delivery market in Hong Kong in the past few years and still unfilled market demands from diners, restaurants and couriers,” said a Meituan spokesperson. “KeeTa aims to meet users’ demand for high-quality delivery services, help merchants grow their business, and provide more flexible and rewarding employment opportunities for couriers.”

Inspired by the renowned sprinter cheetah, KeeTa aims to become an exceptional and enduring on-demand delivery platform in the Hong Kong market, providing high-quality services with more efficiency and better user experience for Hong Kong residents.