Sunday, August 1, 2021 | 10:11 am

Google’s AI-Powered Scanner Dubbed ‘Stack’ Is A Great Receipts Tracker

Google’s AI-Powered Scanner Dubbed ‘Stack’ Is A Great Receipts Tracker

Out of Google’s Area 120, which is an incubator for ideas, apps, and services, there’s a new app called Stack available to those with an Android device.

With it, you can scan any sort of document with your phone’s camera, then the app can automatically sort and organize (or Stack) said document for you.

Since it’s still early days, you can expect some errors. As Google details, “It’s early days — our algorithms still get things wrong, but we’re improving them every day.” However, should everything be working smoothly, you can scan a receipt, with the app automatically recognizing that it is indeed a receipt and filing it away as such for access later on. This is great for those professionals who travel for work and need to keep track of receipts.


Once things are stacked, copies are filed away to your attached Google Drive account for access later on. Additionally, Stack will identify important information in documents, such as “due date” or “total amount due,” and pull it out to make it easier to find and access. On top of that, you can search through the full text of documents — not just the title — to quickly find what you need.

The AI can spot things like “due date” or “total amount due” within the images, and flag those. That way, it’s suggested, you might not inadvertently let a bill go unpaid, an ID expires without renewing it first, or a rebate form goes unprocessed.

Stack is the work of Christopher Pedregal and a team he leads in Area 120. Pedregal has some background with this sort of thing: indeed, his education startup, Socratic, was using computer vision and language understanding when it was acquired by Google. Throw in some talent from the DocAI team at Google Cloud, and Stack was born.

Since anything promising to keep IDs and other content safe probably needs extra security too, Stack supports optional face or fingerprint biometrics before you can access the app. It’s a free download today for those in the US, though you’ll need an Android device at this stage.