Saturday, June 12, 2021 | 06:29 pm

Google Chrome 90 Adds Feature to Create Links to Highlighted Text on a Webpage

Google Chrome 90 Adds Feature to Create Links to Highlighted Text on a Webpage

Google is adding a new feature in Chrome 90 that makes it easier for users to create and share a link to a highlighted text of a web page. To recall, the feature was launched as a Chrome extension called “Link to Text Fragment” last year. It has now been added to the browser itself.

The “Copy link to highlight” feature essentially allows users to share a URL for a selected text highlighted for the recipient. So, when the recipient opens the link, they will directly be taken to the highlighted text instead of the beginning of the web page.

“Yesterday, I read a long article with an interesting data point I wanted to share with a colleague. Instead of copying the link from the address bar, I used Chrome’s new “link to highlight” feature by highlighting the text I want to share, right-clicking, choosing “Copy link to highlight” and then sending the link,” Kayce Hawkins, Product Manager, Chrome said in a blog post.

As of now, the “Copy link to highlight” feature is rolling out to desktop and Android. It will be available for iOS soon.

How to use Google Chrome  “Copy link to highlight” feature

• Open the webpage from which you want to share the text on Google Chrome.

• Highlight the text you want to share.

• Right-click and choose the “Copy link to highlight” option.

• Finally, share the link with the recipient. They will be directly taken to the highlighted text on the webpage when they click on the link.

Apart from the “link to highlight” feature, Chrome 90 also gets new PDF features such as document properties, a two-page view, and an updated toolbar. In addition, a new feature lets Chrome mute all notifications when presenting or sharing Chrome windows. The feature is aimed at minimizing distractions while sharing.