Sunday, January 29, 2023 | 02:15 pm

FrenalyticsEDU Reaches New Heights With Vonic’s AI-powered Math Collaboration

FrenalyticsEDU Reaches New Heights With Vonic’s AI-powered Math Collaboration

Frenalytics, the patented interactive learning platform for students with unique learning needs, today announced a partnership with AI-powered EdTech company Vonic.

FrenalyticsEDU’s revolutionary personalized learning software, with fun & engaging Learning Sessions that auto-collects data for teachers, has announced a new comprehensive math module with Common Core-aligned lessons across grades K-8.

As part of a new partnership with Vonic, a math assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that grades written work in real-time, students of all abilities will soon be able to write out their answers to math problems in FrenalyticsEDU – and all the work they normally would on paper to get to each solution – and get instant feedback on whether they’re on the right track.

Through this first-of-its-kind integration, teachers can also soon assign 100+ Common Core-aligned math sections powered by Vonic right within FrenalyticsEDU. When it comes time for students to answer questions in a Vonic-powered section, Vonic’s whiteboard will automatically appear.

In addition, once students complete a Learning Session in FrenalyticsEDU that includes Vonic questions, their progress data – including accuracy, score, and frequency statistics – will automatically appear on the Session Dashboard, just like every other section in FrenalyticsEDU.

“Vonic and Frenalytics are revolutionary platforms on their own; integrating our systems together will unlock limitless potential for our learners of all abilities. We’re so excited to grow our investment in AI-powered learning tools with our Vonic partnership,” exclaimed Matt Giovanniello, CEO and co-founder of Frenalytics.

“We are proud to partner with Frenalytics to bring Vonic’s AI-powered math assistant to students with a variety of learning needs,” shared Amitoj Cheema, founder of Vonic. “Combining FrenalyticsEDU’s personalized learning with Vonic’s instant and in-depth feedback will greatly enhance learning outcomes for math students.”