Monday, June 21, 2021 | 07:39 pm

Everyone Can Now Tweet 4K Images on Android and iOS Devices

Everyone Can Now Tweet 4K Images on Android and iOS Devices

Back in early March, Twitter started allowing a select few users to upload and view 4K images on mobile devices running either Android or iOS. Now the social network has made the feature available to all mobile users.

For those of you concerned about the data a steady stream of 4K images on your timeline will consume, don’t worry, this is an option you can limit or turn off completely. If you navigate to the “Data usage” section in settings, there are two options for “High-quality images” and “High-quality image uploads.” It’s possible to choose between cellular or Wi-Fi, just Wi-Fi, or Never if you simply don’t want the 4K images to appear at all. Depending on your phone or tablet, images should look noticeably better once 4K is turned on.

Around the same time, Twitter started testing 4K images, the way in which images get previewed was improved. Now when you add an image in the Tweet composer it will appear exactly how it’s expected to look in the final tweet. Playing YouTube videos in tweets is also being tested.

Of course, while everyone appreciates image quality and video playback improvements, the lack of an edit button for our tweets remains a highly desirable feature. It may never happen, but the discovery of an “Undo Send” feature last month offers some hope Twitter is at least thinking about and experimenting with editing.