Wednesday, June 16, 2021 | 08:17 am

Ellen, Yes — The Ellen, Is Dropping an NFT Today: What You Need To Know

Ellen, Yes — The Ellen, Is Dropping an NFT Today: What You Need To Know

Television host Ellen DeGeneres has jumped aboard the non-fungible token art bandwagon and is all set to drop her first artwork on the Bitski marketplace on Monday.

What Happened: Earlier in the month, DeGeneres explained what NFTs were in her own humorous fashion and later went on to take a selfie with a photo of a cat she drew and put it on sale as an NFT.

The EllenShow tweeted the announcement regarding the NFT.

DeGeneres’ NFT called the “Woman with Stick Cat” will also contain a “never-sold-before monologue,” according to the listing for the artwork.

The comedian said that the proceeds from the sale of the NFT would be donated to her friend Chef José Andrés’ not-for-profit non-governmental organization “World Central Kitchen.”

While there will be a single winner of the monologue, in a second auction 10 people can bid for a hi-res digital copy of the “Woman With Stick Cat,” Variety reported.

An unlimited number of “open edition” digital copies will also reportedly be put on sale during the 24-hour auction period.

Why It Matters: The NFT listing claimed that the drop would be carbon negative as “ELLEN is committed to climate change control and protecting the environment.”

Last month, a column from the broadsheet published by the New York Times Co (NYSE: NYT) sold as an NFT for $500,000.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) and Square Inc (NYSE: SQ), sold his first tweet for $2.5 million in the same month.

Meanwhile, an artist has transformed Dogecoin’s (DOGE) cryptograph into electronic music and put it on sale as an NFT.

Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) have also been transformed into sounds by ill-esha.

ETH traded 10.02% higher at $2,466 at press time, while BTC traded 3.89% higher at $52,208.64.